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Meditation is a powerful tool to train the mind to work for you as opposed to control you. However, one must make a clear and separate distinction between meditations practiced to: 1) help one cope with and adapt to the stress in the world as we perceive it or 2) to get rid of the root cause of stress, which is the limited self, formed as a result of us becoming attached to certain ideas of what persona we “are” and other social constructs.  .

The human brain and mind are advanced organs that have evolved over millennia so although we present both types of meditations in this category, the goal is always give you the tools to be able to use your mind and brain to its potential. Once the blockages of the anxious and controlling mind are surpassed – namely by the limited identity and social conventions most of us live by – the mind will be a powerful resource for achieving flow. However, reaching flow with our surroundings can be reached even with a mind restricting the self to limited identity.