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A happy body is a healthy body. This page displays a listing of articles with research and news on the the best for our bodies. Looks and ideal weight are relative, but some best practices are universal. Often overlooked, body health includes understanding and managing old emotions and instincts stored by our bodies. We focus on this, since everyone else doesn’t.

We all know the importance of sleep for our basic functioning in life, yet most of us can’t put our screens away at night when we know it’s past our planned bedtime. Sleep cycles are hindered, roommates get angry, necks stiffened in the process of getting just one more swipe in. How Modern Medicine Explains Your Sleep Procrastination Sleep experts attribute this to various causes including genetics, lack of self-regulation, maybe even some FOMO going on. These experts offer a variety of sleep routines involving winding-down schedules as the go to solution. If the problem is that you are wanting…

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